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NDS Driving School is available to help you take the primary step when it comes to living your dream of driving your car. Our comprehensive range of services is sufficient to fulfill the requirements of our valuable clients. Whether you need support from an automatic driving lessons center in Johannesburg or to obtain a driver’s test permit, you are in the right hands.
Looking for an automatic driving lesson? NDS Driving School is your destination.
Automatic driving skill is the latest demand by the car owners as most of the cars have an automatic control system.


Why choose us?

NDS Driving School is famous in Johannesburg for many purposes. Some of them are, understanding the clients and their demands, updated with the technology and techniques, concentrates on quality rather than cost, guarantees results, and keeping the cost at bay so that you don’t feel overcharged. Therefore, if you want a reliable and established automatic driving lessons center in Johannesburg, get in touch with us for complete information and to master the skill.

Reasons for increase in the automatic driving System Are:

We will use the simple method to help you learn the technology. We will educate you on how to start the car and the process that follows.

Controlling cars with this technology are safer to drive. The engine is sensitive enough hence it functions depending on the traffic of the road.

Most countries are using these systems because they are not only simple to learn, but it saves drivers and passengers from accidents.

Focus on developing skills to tackle hazardous situations so that no one on the road is injured. Hence, it is for the safety of the citizens.

We target at teaching our students on the use of both hands so that the steering is properly in your control.

In Johannesburg, we are recognized for answering common questions of the potential drivers so that it helps in better understanding our services and our school

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